I can tailor my services to your individual writing needs. Here are some examples of what I can offer. If there is nothing here to suit your needs please contact me on the email below to discuss your requirements.
I know that sometimes despite best intentions deadlines can come round all too quickly. In these circumstances I can read work and turnaround feedback within 24 hours for a small extra charge.


Got a Pitch a Treatment or Short Film script?
I will read your pitch, treatment or script and give you a report on its strengths and weaknesses.


Script Read and Bite the Bullet Points.
I will read your script and give you initial bullet point impressions about the general strengths and weaknesses.


Script Read and in-depth report (3-4 pages)

A detailed report that studies premise, structure, character, pace and dialogue.


One To One Consultation
An in-depth script report and a one hour 1-2-1 script consultation via phone or in person.

Script Smart
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