Natasha really helped us tighten up our script, pointing out the parts that didn't work and encouraging us to develop the parts that did. Sometimes, you're so close to a script that it's difficult to step outside it and see what's obvious. Having a third party with Natasha's experience meant that her notes and consultations were both trusted and delivered with empathy and respect to our work. We'd have no hesitation in recommending her, or working with her again. Thank you! Lauren Murphy Writer / Producer Souljacker Films, Ireland.

Natasha is a pleasure to work with and she is a fantastic script developer. I found her input invaluable and I look forward to working with her again.
Kieran Doherty Writer/ Dev Exec / Exec Prod at Wild Rover Productions Ltd

Excellent and insightful notes. Natasha's comments and suggestions were invaluable when writing my next draft. Highly recommended. Francis Turnly, Screenwriter

Natasha is a true professional, efficiently meeting deadlines and
consistently providing well thought through notes. A pleasure to work
with. Anne Simpson BBC NI Radio Drama

"Insightful, Inspiring and Inventive - Natasha Geary tightens dialogue, energises story and transforms a good script into a great one." Stuart Drennan, Screenwriter.

Natasha Geary is a skilled and deeply knowledgeable professional. I had the great fortune of working with her through Northern Ireland Screen's Individual Development Programme. In just two meetings she helped me shine up a screenplay that was severely dulled by exposition and superfluous scenes. Her style was non-itrusive and respectful -- she didn't hi-jack the script or snigger at my schoolboy errors. Instead, she helped me find my voice and focus on the story and the result is a movie script that I am hugely proud of. I owe her more than one." Gerard Brennan, Screenwriter.

I found Natasha’s feedback to be always encouraging, often challenging, and very useful. Her detailed notes cut to the very heart of the story, helping me refine what I was really trying to say. From small details to the overall arc of the screenplay, Natasha paid close attention to every character and every scene, and really helped drive the development of the story forward. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a friendly and insightful script reader. Dave Kinghan, Screenwriter.

"Insightful, calm, assured and tactful. Natasha's feedback and support is invaluable." Christine Murphy, Screenwriter

I recently worked with Natasha on the development of my script 'The Book of Daniel'. The idea was based on a novel and, therefore, transferring this to a different medium was quite a challenge. Natasha's involvement in the script editing was invaluable as she was able to input suggestions for plot, character and story development with ease. She has a thorough understanding of scriptwriting technique and how to get the best out of a writer. Having someone with such a strong grounding in script editing on your side, makes the whole process far less intimidating than it at first appears. Paula Clamp, Screenwriter, Novelist.

"From first draft to working script I garnered reams of crucial feedback encompassing all aspects of script development including spelling and grammar; plot points and character arcs; format and production practicality. Every angle was analysed in order to help fulfil my vision." Peter Martin, Screenwriter.

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